Magic:The Gathering Celebration

Join us for Wizards of The Coast’s Magic Celebration.


From 3pm until midnight (or until we run out of event support product), we will be running Mini Master tournaments.  Play in just one or play in three or more… it doesn’t matter… the price is the same… FREE!!!

So… what is a Mini Master tournament?

At the start of every mini master tournament, each player is given a free pack of M12 plus 3 land cards.  These cards constitute the player’s deck for the first round.  Players who win their match each round are rewarded with another pack to be combined with the rest of their cards to construct a 40 card minimum deck.  When the event has run it’s course, players are free to enter another event… as often as we can keep them running – so long as we have the event packs available.

Did I mention these events are free???

Incredibly Awesomely Cool Free T-Shirts

The first eight people to purchase a Magic Deckbuilder’s Toolkit will receive a very cool Magic:The Gathering t-shirt.  Limit one per person.

Code Cards for Duels of The Planeswalkers 2012

Each celebration participant will receive a code card for a digital item used in the Duels of the Planeswalkers game for the game system of their choice.

When do the tournaments start again?

We will run the Mini Master tournaments every time we get eight players signed up – or – every 90 minutes, whichever works out to be faster for those who are waiting to participate.  We will limit each round to 30 minutes to speed up the matches so players can play in as many events as possible.  Come early, play often!
In closing… Free Packs, Free T-Shirts, Free Codes.  What’s not to celebrate?

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